the community

The Project commits to invest in healthcare, education, and social infrastructure for the communities affected by the construction of the corridor.
A Resettlement Action Plan has been conceived (awaiting approval) after extensive public hearings and community involvement. The first phase, being implemented in the port area, requires relocating houses in the village of Supinho near Quelimane to a dedicated 14hectares new village site as shown in the plan below.

This project is of vital importance for local communities and the economy

The new village will be integrated into the natural topography, respecting the vegetation and other physical characteristics that impact local drainage systems. This development will consist of 68 housing sites, each with an 800 sq.m lot (20 m by 40 m). There will also be plots for the construction of a Primary School, a Healthcare Center, a Multi-sport Pavilion and a Market. These facilities are intended to serve the entire village of Supinho and not simply the occupants of the resettlement area. The primary school will replace the existing
one that will be separated from the village by the railway line.